I grew up riding bikes but once I got my drivers license I pretty much stopped biking.   Twenty years passed and I got nervous about being on a bike again.  Finally, a few years ago I got my courage up and decided to try to ride again.

You know how they say once you learn you never forget how to ride a bike.  Well, I tested that theory and I can tell you it is true.  It was pretty much like I had never stopped riding.

I enjoy biking because it is a great way to cover longer distances.  Plus, it is great exercise and I also find it relaxing.  I also like that you can enjoy biking alone or with friends.

I may not be the fastest biker in the world, but I do really enjoy it.  I like to feel the wind in my hair and a little burn in my legs. After a good ride, I just feel so good and relaxed.

I like to bike ride when I travel too. One of my bucket list items was to bike across the Golden Gate Bridge. After a couple attempts thwarted by bad weather, I finally accomplished my goal last year. I highly recommend it if you get the opportunity.

I’m an accountant by trade, so I am very analytical. I have spent lots of time researching cruiser bikes and places to ride, so I wanted to share that information with other bike enthusiasts.